Welcome to the Grab Bag

A grab bag is a small container, usually a bag, that has bits of random goodies inside of it. I wanted to have an area that I could put things that did not fall into a predictable category. I could have called it serendipity spot, but serendipity was too hard to spell. This won't be here for ever, so laugh while you can. And for those of you that don't know why to laugh at this, go vist http://www.yogiberra.com/ . :-> Maybe Yogi can make you laugh.

MP3 Files for BQ (open to all, I read from NIV on the Ephesians for Bible Quiz and the Psalms is KJV)

MP3 Dir (right click and save file).

Bussiness Card Templates for Open Office

You need to do a full install of open office.

Avery w/o center spacer
Wausau with center divider
NOTE ! :
to download these files correctly,
you must set the type from compressed to all files and then add an .odt extension to the file name.

Having already installed the open office software, you can goto your windows explorer and double click on the bussiness card template file. You only have to edit the upper left hand corner card. After that, you push the syncronize button and it makes the other 9 cards fill with those values.

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